How to Deploy Spring Boot and AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Overview of Steps

  • AWS EBS expects for your apps to listen on port 5000
  • Update your Spring Boot to use: server.port=5000
  • Select Web App > Platform Java
  • Upload the JAR file

Create basic Spring Boot app

  1. Start with a simple REST Spring Boot app.
  2. In, change port to 5000: server.port=5000
  3. Open terminal window
  4. cd project directory
  5. mvn clean package
  6. java -jar target/myapp.jar
  7. Test it locally: http://localhost:5000

Deploy on AWS

  1. Log into to AWS
  2. Navigate to Elastic Beanstalk
  3. Create a new application
  4. Select app type: Web Application
  5. Give it the name: simple-boot-demo
  6. Create a new environment
  7. For platform, select: Java
  8. Select option to Upload your JAR file.
    Note: the screen says only WAR and ZIP files, but it does in fact accept JAR files
  9. Upload your JAR file:  target/myapp.jar
  10. Create the application
  11. Once app is created, then visit the app URL.
  12. You will see your Spring Boot app up and running.

Effective Debugging – A Free Guide

We’ve all wasted time tracking down a bug right?
For me, it really depends on the position of the stars. Some days, I can track a bug down in minutes. On other days, I spend hours trying to debug a program. I have to resort to having a co-worker help me out. Of course, my co-worker will quickly spot the problem … and I will feel a whee bit embarrassed. LOL!
John Sonmez over at created a free guide to help you with debugging your applications. I’m going to print a hard-copy and keep it by my desk … or better yet, place it under my pillow LOL 🙂
A Programmer’s Guide to Effective Debugging
by John Sonmez

How to Survive as a Remote Developer

When I tell people that I’m a remote developer ….  they think “AWESOME”!  My response is “Well not really”.
Working remotely does offer you the flexibility of working from your home office. But it is also a bit stressful since you are ALWAYS available (kind of) via email and IM. Work hours and easily spill over into family time. Most importantly, you have to be super disciplined to make sure you complete your daily work tasks.
In order to survive as a remote developer, you need to employ a certain techniques.
This article provides tips on how to survive as a remote developer.
The Remote Development Experience
by Ron Moddesette


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