JSP Tutorial #1 – Java Server Pages Tutorial – Introduction

In this video, I will give you an introduction to the JSP tutorial series.

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# Video
1 Introduction
2 JSP Overview
3 Setting up your Development Environment - Overview
4 Installing Tomcat
5 Installing Eclipse
6 Connecting Eclipse to Tomcat
7 JSP Hello World
8 JSP Expressions
9 JSP Scriptlets
10 JSP Declarations
11 Importing Java Classes
12 JSP Built-In Objects
13 Including Files

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JSP Tutorial Transcript:

Hey, this is Chad “Shod” Darby, with www.luv2code.com.

Welcome to my tutorial on JSP. In this tutorial series we’re going to cover a lot of good topics. We’re going to start off with a tutorial intro which is, of course, this video, then we’ll get an overview of JSP, next you’ll learn how to set up your development environment and then we’ll learn about installing Tomcat, installing Eclipse, and also connecting Eclipse and Tomcat together. That will take care of all the basic housekeeping that we’ll need to do for setting up our development environment.

Next we’ll move forward and we’ll start coding so we’ll do our JSP Hello World program, then we’ll learn about some different aspects of JSP. We’ll discuss JSP expressions, scriplets and also JSP declarations. Then we’ll look at some of the JSP built-in objects. We’ll learn about including files and finally we’ll learn how to import Java classes.

This is a good start to get us going with JSP. Granted, there’s a whole lot of more topics out there on JSP, this is enough to get us a quick start with JSP so we can start with JSP development.

All right, we have a lot of good things in store. Stay tuned for all the follow on videos.

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