How to Level Up your Software Career

I regularly hear from and read about technologists in a career rut.
Unless one is both lucky and adept at predicting the future, experiencing some temporary stall can happen to professionals at any career stage.
It may be the feeling of being stuck in a boring role, feeling burdened by an undesirable skill set, or trapped in a company that seems difficult to escape.
This article provides some tips on how to “Level Up” your software career.

Free eBook: Maven – The Complete Reference

Maven is a popular tool for building Java EE applications.
Here’s a useful eBook to help you get started with Maven
Maven  – The Complete Reference


Two years of Pair Programming

Pair Programming is a technique in which two developers sit together and write code. One person types and the other person works as a co-pilot.
There has been much controversy over this technique. Some developers like it while others find it highly invasive.
Well, here’s a great article from the trenches. The developer, Matt Cholick, worked for two years with pair programming and he shares his experiences.
Two years of Pair Programming


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