How to Survive as a Remote Developer

When I tell people that I’m a remote developer ….  they think “AWESOME”!  My response is “Well not really”.
Working remotely does offer you the flexibility of working from your home office. But it is also a bit stressful since you are ALWAYS available (kind of) via email and IM. Work hours and easily spill over into family time. Most importantly, you have to be super disciplined to make sure you complete your daily work tasks.
In order to survive as a remote developer, you need to employ a certain techniques.
This article provides tips on how to survive as a remote developer.
The Remote Development Experience
by Ron Moddesette

15 Free Books for People Who Code

I found this really cool list of free books today. I thought you’d enjoy it!

15 Free Books for People who Code

The Experience Paradox – How to Get a Job Without Experience

We’ve all been there before right?
We want to get that new job … but we don’t have the experience. How will we ever get the experience if no one gives a chance???
This article helps you solve this problem. Enjoy!
The Experience Paradox–How to Get a Job Without Experience


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