Case Study: Migrating from ASP.NET to Google Web Toolkit

Chris Ramsdale interviewed Matthias Büchner, Software Engineer at digital security company, Gemalto. In the blog post, Matthias shares his team's experience with migrating their application from ASP.NET to Google Web Toolkit. In summary, his team was pleased with GWT and they liked the following features: Developing in a single language: Java. Their previous code base consisted of ASP.NET, JavaScript and [...]

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JPA 2: New Features

JPA 2 was released in December 2009. The release includes the following new features: Standardize useful properties (hints, caching) Fill in ORM mapping gaps Make object modeling more flexible Offer simple cache control abstraction Allow advanced locking settings Provide more hooks for vendor properties Add API for better tooling support Enhance JP QL query language Support Java API based query [...]

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Oracle TopLink reaches End-of-Life

End-of-life is a euphenism for a project/product that is "discontinued, unsupported and dead" :-) I have used Oracle TopLink for the past 10 years on various projects. It was one of the first ORM frameworks that "got it right". Unfortunately, it was a commercial product that was out of the reach of most developers ($$$). Once comparable open-source projects came [...]

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Eclipse Developer Conferences

Save the dates. Great conferences! Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 Nov 2-4 2010: Ludwigsburg, Germany Details here. EclipseCon 2011 March 21-24, 2011: Santa Clara, CA Details here.

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Blank Page on GlassFish v3 Admin Console

I recently encountered a strange error with GlassFish v3. I installed GlassFish on one of my test servers. The installation went fine. Then I attempted to log into the Admin Console at http://localhost:4848.  The page informed me that it was initializing....then all of sudden the page went blank. I tried reloading but encountered the same problem. I checked the server [...]

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Comparing GWT to other Java/AJAX Frameworks

I've been using GWT for the past three years on various projects. I still consider it the best Java/AJAX framework on the market, especially when coupled with SmartGWT. However, they are other frameworks that offer similar features. I like to keep a watch on these frameworks to see how they are doing. Here's a list of comparable frameworks Echo2 / [...]

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When Did You Fall In Love with Coding?

When did you fall in love with coding? This question may not apply to everyone. Not everyone is passionate about coding. There are people who write software out of pure necessity (ie pay the mortgage). Then there are people like me who write software for the fun of it. I love to explore new technologies and build sample programs exercising the [...]

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