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Install GlassFish 4 as a Windows Service

To install GlassFish 4 as a Window Service, you can use the create-service command. Follow these steps to setup the service:

Open an MS-DOS window (Run As Administrator)

cd {your_glassfish_home}\glassfish\bin

asadmin create-service --name domain1

This will create the service. You can verify this in the Windows Services control panel. By default, the service display name is domain1 GlassFish Server.

If you would like to change the display name of the service, then you can execute the following command. Be sure to put a space between DisplayName= and "GlassFish 4"

sc config domain1 DisplayName= "GlassFish 4"

If you no longer need the Windows service, you can delete the service with this command.

sc delete domain1

Also, you should delete all files in cd \glassfish\domains\domain1\bin

Additional documentation on the create-service command is available here.