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Funny … but true!

Java IDEs: Which IDE is in Most Demand in the Job Market?

Hi All,

A lot of new students ask me which Java IDE should they use. Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans etc. My answer is … which ever tool you are comfortable with and most productive. However, I also tell them to pick an IDE that is in demand in the job market. Now granted, another IDE may be better on technical merits, but in this case, I like to use the tool that is most requested by employers.

Here’s a nice graph that shows the demand of Java IDEs in the Job Market.


JMS Tutorial Resources

Hi All,

I’ve had a number of students ask me about Java Message Service (JMS). They are eager to learn how to send/recieve messages using JMS. I’ve put together a list of free tutorial resources. Enjoys!

JMS Tutorial from Java EE 7 Tutorial

JMS Tutorial with ActiveMQ

And, if you are interested in using JMS with Spring then here are some good links

Spring JMS Example

Getting Started with Spring JMS

Messaging with Spring JMS