5 Steps to Become a Java Expert

This guide shows you 5 steps on how to become a Java expert.

Step 1. Take introductory Java courses

A lot of courses are available for free online and on YouTube.

I would recommend these free Java Beginner video courses. The courses are self-paced and you can work on your own speed.

Course #1: Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Course #2: Java Design Patterns and Architecture

Course #3: Java Multithreading

Course #4: Eclipse IDE for Beginners

Course #5: Java Database Connection: JDBC and MySQL


Step 2. Purchase a good Java book that covers the core features of the language

I love video tutorials, but I also like to supplement my learning with books. With a book, you can easily re-read a passage on a given topic. Or you can use the book as a quick reference guide during your development.

I have a list of the top Java books here: http://www.luv2code.com/books


Step 3. Perform daily practice problems with Java

Just like with any sport, you need to practice on a daily basis. There is a really good website that has Java programs that you have to solve. Some of the programs are really small and can be solved in 5 minutes. Others are more complex and may require 15-30 mins to solve.

The website is: http://www.codingbat.com

This is a really good site and I highly recommend.


Step 4. Create sample programs to increase your knowledge

These are just simple programs to test out different concepts. You are not going to show these to anyone … just for practice. I’d recommend starting out with simple console programs and then eventually move to GUI / web program. But the important thing is to start small. Don’t try and build a Facebook clone for your first project LOL. Instead create a simple program that will compute the average of a student’s grades.

For some project ideas, visit http://www.luv2code.com/javaprojects


Step 5. Take the Oracle Java Certification Exam

By taking the Oracle Certification Exam, you force yourself to learn all of the core features of the language. The certification leaves no stone unturned for the Java core language features. This will help you when you are developing your own programs since you will know all of the features of the Java language.

Exam: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I: Exam 1Z0-808

Also, by having a Java certification, it could possibly help you get a job. The certification can help you stand out from other job candidates. I know there is much debate about the value of certifications, but I took the Java certification at the beginning of my Java career. That was over 20 years ago 🙂 The Java certification helped me have a VERY lucrative career in software development.

In order to pass the certification exam, I would recommend that you purchase an exam study guide. I recommend the following study guide:

Study Guide: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808


Wrap Up

If you follow these five steps, then you can easily become a certified Java developer in 12 months time 🙂

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