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11 Websites Where You Can Find A Remote Tech Job

Remote work … the developer’s dream right?
Here’s an article to help you in pursuit of that dream 🙂
11 Websites Where You Can Find A Remote Tech Job

How to Level Up your Software Career

I regularly hear from and read about technologists in a career rut.
Unless one is both lucky and adept at predicting the future, experiencing some temporary stall can happen to professionals at any career stage.
It may be the feeling of being stuck in a boring role, feeling burdened by an undesirable skill set, or trapped in a company that seems difficult to escape.
This article provides some tips on how to “Level Up” your software career.

How Do I Become a Great Software Developer?

I get this question all the time: “How Do I Become a Great Software Developer?”

It is a very good question from new developers. I’ve answered this a number of times with different variations.

But I found that this article does the best job of covering all of the key points. Enjoy!

[Article] – Step By Step Path to Becoming a Great Software Developer