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Subversion Cheat Sheet

Here’s a cheat sheet I developed for Subversion. Enjoy!

Checking out codesvn checkout theURL thePath
Checking out a specific revisionsvn checkout -r theRev theURL
Updating a working copysvn update
Adding files to repositorysvn add thePath
Ignoring files in a directorysvn propedit svn:ignore thePath
Showing changes to a file or directorysvn diff thePath
Showing most recent changes to a filesvn diff -r PREV:BASE theFile
Creating a patch filesvn diff > myPatchFile
Applying a patch filepatch -p0 -i myPatchFile
Checking in changessvn commit -m "my message"
Checking the status of a working copysvn status
Showing updates pending from repositorysvn status --show-updates
Creating a release tagsvn copy svn://yourserver/project svn://yourserver/project/tags/release-v1.0
Checking out a release tagsvn checkout svn://yourserver/project/tags/release-v1.0
Creating a branchsvn copy svn://yourserver/project svn://yourserver/project/branches/v1.0
Checking out a branchsvn checkout svn://yourserver/project/branches/v1.0
Importing a project into repositorycd yourproject
svn import svn://yourserver/yourproject/trunk
Manually creating directories for a projectsvn mkdir svn://yourserver/yourproject/trunk/mysillydir

Book Recommendation

For further information on Subversion, I’d recommend this book: